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Larry & Janet: It was wonderful talking to you over the phone today!  I was surprised on how much you knew about various cities in Puerto Rico!  Just wanted to let you guys know that since I purchased one of your Hopetown Pro High Polish C Lead back in 2006, my experience with it has been wonderful!  The instrument has consistently delivered great sound over the years and still is as shiny and beautiful as new! I even have successfully use it to play Salsa...!  Above all, I really appreciated the time you took to discuss different alternatives regarding the type (C lead vs. D lead) and quality of the instrument.  Cheers to both of you for running such a great business and hope to see you down in the Caribbean one of these days...!  Best regards, Ralph from Puerto Rico.

I have been looking all over the web and you have THE BEST website of all!  It is a pleasure to navigate through it and learn all about pan.  Please rush my order for a high polish chrome lead pan.  Phil G. from NY

Ebay Comments - We are also back on EBay

The pan looks and sounds beautiful! Quick delivery. Case is beautiful!


Great Drum!!!

 Arrived quikly. look and sounds specktacular. thanks for a great steel drum

Very fast delivery. Thanks.

Excellent transaction with great item and packaging. Thanks a lot!!!

WONDERFUL great item, fast ship would do again AAA+ E-bayer

School Band Sales - We now serve over 190 Schools, Universities and Church Groups in 45 States.

Hi Larry, we love our new Pan Band and are learning rapidly.   We will do our first "concert" at our annual Christmas show by playing (among others) Silent Night.  KO - (Church Group) Ft. Meyers, Florida.

  Thanks for shipping one of the lead pans early.  I'm amazed at the quality.  Your builders in Trinidad do a great job!  We're looking forward to receiving the rest.  CK - k12 Virginia.  This customer re-ordered the following year stating, "my guys at the school really enjoy your pans and say they sound as good as any we have from "M.........." (well known builder in Virginia). 

  Hi Larry, just wanted to thank you for having such a great business.  The steel drums arrived at the school and sound amazing.  The kids are so excited to get started.  Thank you for all of your help and we look forward to purchasing more pans from you in the future.  NM - k12 New Jersey.

  Good Morning, We mailed full payment to you today.  It is great to buy pans from you again.  You should see the pans that we have purchased from you guys.  They are now painted in our school colors.  Our local tuner always comments on how well they are made and how well they hold tune. ST - k12 North Carolina.

  Thank you for shipping so quickly.  I've had no luck finding Steel Drum accessories here in the Boston area so I'm really glad to have found your great website.  LT - Dartmouth
Back to Top Larry, you guys are the best.  Thanks for getting our special order pans out as early as you did.  MH - k12 Utah.  This customer has ordered pans from us over a three year period.

Panhandler Painted Lead  Pro making a living with a Painted Lead - Told ya so!

"My husband got me a C Pan drum which is my favorite that I played many years ago in high school and i LOVE IT! Great prices, great quality! Very happy with our purchase! =) ~~heather"

Comments: Hey Larry,   I have had your pan for 6 years now.   Hard to
believe how fast time has passed.   The reason for my letter is to thank you
again for your fine pan.   It is my main pan for weddings and corporate
events.   Stays in tune, sounds great.    There is a demo of your pan on my
website.   tonybowersmusic.com.    Check it out!   Tony

  Thank you SO MUCH!  Dakota already has Evil Ways down ? memorized.  Ah, the beauty of a youthful mind!    He's having the BEST time with the drum (and accompaniment CDs), I cannot thank you enough!  Oh, also, he wanted me to tell you, he LOVES the new mallets.  Thanks again, R. C. - California
  Hey Larry, Tony Bowers here from Mobile Alabama.  Thanks for the wonderful pan at a great price.  I bought the classic painted pan.  It arrived with the low c sounding flat.  It had apparently been damaged in shipping.  Fearing the worst, I called you.  I described the problem and to my surprise you said "I am going to take care of you".  You said, "If someone locally can tune it for you I will pay.  Otherwise, mail it back and we'll either fix it or give you a new one".  I took the pan to Coyle drums and they fixed it in 20 minutes while I waited.  They said you had pre arranged the whole thing.  It has been a long time since I have been treated so well.  You have a loyal customer and friend in Mobile.  I told the Coyle folks what I paid for the pan and they said it was a very nice pan for the price.  Many thanks again! Your friend, Tony.

Note from Larry.  Many thanks to Allen Coyle and the other US tuners we have had the opportunity to send business to when the need arises.  We'll do the same for you if you have a similar problem on the west coast. 
  "I have been playing this drum for over 1 1/2 years. It is well built, with a solid sound. I learned on this drum, play it everyday, and have played with a band, behind a guitar and congas. This drum has done the job, and then some. I will soon be upgrading to a new drum, but only because I am moving into playing solo gigs and recording. And I will be buying from The SteelDrumShop." Tim Dodson
"I couldn't believe the quality! Absolutely beautiful looks and sound. Thanks so much..." 

Larry, We have been playing with the drum since its arrival on Wednesday. We are having a ball. My 15 year old daughter has mastered the "Rugrat's Theme" and some music from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda. She always was good at picking up an instrument and within minutes getting a whole song out. My 16 year old son taught her the Legend of Zelda music but he, too, has more talent than he lets on. I have been very strict with myself at not playing by ear so much but I am concentrating on reading music and finding the notes without looking. I am doing pretty well already... Thanks again, CD

Panhandler Brushed Chrome Leads  
  Larry, I never sent you a thank you email for shipping the pan. It was in great condition and I'm very satisfied with it. Do you think I could give the videos a try? thanks, Grant G.  Gave him free access to our training videos for 15 days!
  I purchased double seconds from you two months ago and I've already learned 27 chords! It's hard to put them down.  Robert.

  Larry - both drums arrived in great shape. They look good, and sound very nice. I don't think I'll have any problem finding buyers for them. Do let me know if you get other drums of similar quality and price. I think this is a really nice starting drum for many of my beginning drum players who are adults looking for a music experience. It's been a pleasure working with you. Lisa - Steel Drum teacher
Two days after purchase... Hi Larry," The pan is awesome... I've almost got that Morning Dance song down - about 75% there! " This guy never played a pan before!

  I got my steel drum yesterday.  It is beautiful.  The case is beautiful too.  Thanks for all the note stickers you sent; that was helpful.  I watched the DVD on how to play; it was wonderful.  Thanks for all of your information and for sending the pan so quickly.  What a deal.!!! Vesta W.- Calif. 

"Hopetown Pro" Lead   
  Many thanks again for the extraordinary customer service & the quality steel pan. R. M. Dallas, TX. 

  Hi Larry,  Thanks so much for the timely delivery.  Richard loves the pan.  Best regards,  Joe B., MD, MBA

  Larry, the pan arrived and it is beautiful! Thank you so much. I will stay in touch... Luca G. - Italy
I can't believe how pretty this pan looks and sounds. Thank you so much... T.K., Connecticut
E-Mail from Grady Owen (So. Cal. Musician)... "What a pleasure it was doing business with you and Hopetown Music. Although I have been into music all the 50 years I have enjoyed this planet, I was new to the world of 'steel drum' before meeting you. I purchased your Hopetown Pro Tenor 'Lead' package and wanted to write to thank you for bringing new, true excitement with music, back into my life.

I am a guitar player and singer who needed to add an attraction to my 'stage presence' and this beautiful chrome steel drum sitting in front of me certainly fills the void. After only an hour of practice I was playing 'Volcano' and 'Margarita Ville' intros and instrumentals while leading into guitar and vocals. What a fantastic sound! I also noticed that the 'feel' of the drum is that of being 'bulletproof'. I had heard stories of steel drums being somewhat delicate, but this piece shows no signs of that. The purity and beauty of this hand crafted instrument is beyond anything I ever imagined. I can't wait to play it every morning and learn more every time I do. I only wish I had started sooner.

This is truly a beautiful instrument and has offered a whole new aspect to my entertainment ability.

Thanks again Larry!" 
Hopetown Pro Custom Painted Double Seconds - Purchased as present.
  HOORAY!  Oh, they've just arrived and they're beautiful.  Scott says the sound is richer than the ones he's played on in our group and the color is just perfect.  Did you coordinate the case lining with the pans on purpose? :-)  He can't wait to get them home and set them up (and figure out where everything is on them!)

Thanks for your patience, the speedy delivery, and a quality product.  You folks are fabulous.  All my best, Laura 
We at Hopetown Music are very good at what we do. That is, we deliver exactly what we say we will, every single time. Our bomb proof guarantee speaks for itself.