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What Should I Buy?

Great question, so here goes...

All of our Trademarked Panhandler and Hopetown Pro Series Pans are built by the same team of builders.  They are built to our specifications from new barrels made of steel that is ideally suited to creating the instruments.  So which of our fine pans should you buy?  The more expensive today, the higher value tomorrow. It?s all about resale (if you want to sell in the future).

Finish dictates price.  The more work and cost, the higher the price we have to get for our products.  We sell our Panhandler Pans as Unfinished (raw steel), Painted, Brushed Chrome and our Hopetown Pro series are finished in High Polished Chrome.  The chrome finished pans tend to be a bit brighter in sound than the painted pans.  Chroming also helps the pan to weather the years, especially if it is used out doors in damp weather.

Any pan purchased at today's prices will absolutely appreciate in tomorrow's market. They don't wear out!  I have heard Trini Pans from the 50's that sill play beautifully.  Our tuner, Francis, plays a set of doubles that are over thirty years old, rusty (although he scrubs it off sometimes) and even have a hole or two in them.  He won't give them up and they are as sweet sounding as you have ever heard.

Regarding CHEAP OR USED PANS - Be Careful!  A cheap used pan is virtually never going to be a Great Pan!  If someone is selling a used pan, they are trying to improve what they have.  People keep the good ones and attempt to improve over the "not so great" ones.  Not much more to say here.  Buyer be ware.  Cheap is not going to reward you very well.  Be ready to spend some extra bucks for a nice instrument.