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About Our Pans

OUR EARLY EXPERIENCE - We began our business by importing pans from virtually every builder and Pan Company in Trinidad.  In our search for quality and pricing we have seen it all, from good looking pans that sound awful to poor looking pans that sound pretty good.  We have seen pans with the harmonics completely wrong or simply non-existent.  We have seen spray can paint jobs with sand imbedded in the paint. We have even experienced chromed rust!  All of these issues still exist with some builders and you can find their pans for sale cheap.  Quality Pans cost time and money to build.

OUR STEEL PANS - Our Steel Drum (or Pan) instruments are comparable in quality to pans made by U.S. builders yet less expensive.  We make this claim because through experience we have identified and contract the best builders in the country that originated this unique instrument with years of experience learning and applying the secrets required to deliver a high quality Steel Pan instrument.  Our pans are built using new barrels made especially for building pans.

WE ARE IMPORT LEADERS - We were one of the first U.S. companies to specialize in selling Pan Instruments built in Trinidad and then finished here in the U.S.A.  Not only do our pans sound great, they look great and retain tremendous value.

OTHERS HAVE COPIED OUR LEAD - American companies that advertise their special technology and superior pan building expertise now routinely offer an Import Series as if they invented the concept.  They say copying is the best form of flattery. Were proud to have been copied. These companies have proven us to be true leaders in the Steel Pan industry.  Some of them have gone as far as copying our pan descriptions, packaging concepts and other marketing ideas.  

OUR CURRENT TEAM - Our current team of builders has been working with us for many years.  They know our quality requirements and they prepare top quality steel pans to our specifications.  Our sales team knows how to identify your needs, work within your budget and follow through on our commitments. We proudly boast of our A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

OUR TUNING PROCESS - Someone is being less than truthful if they claim their newly manufactured pans arrive from Trinidad perfectly in tune.  Newly manufactured pans always drift out of tune during their initial finishing process.  We have developed a tuning routine that assures our pans hold their proper note pitch and sound.  When the instruments arrive in our shop we perform custom fine tuning before finishing and shipping the instrument's).  

OUR GUARANTEE - Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We sell hand made instruments.  Each is a bit unique but each also meets our specifications for retail sale or we simply do not ship it.  If it has our tag on it, it has met numerous quality requirements designed to assure your satisfaction. If, for any reason you are not satisfied, we will make it right.

Go with your best option, The Steel Drum Shop!