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Why buy from us?

• NEW BARRELS - Each of our Steel Pans is hand crafted in Trinidad from a brand new barrel made to order for our builders.
• SINGLE PAN DESIGN – We only build one version of each instrument in the Steel Pan Family. We only build high quality musical instruments.
• FOUR FINISHES AVAILABLE - The finish and price variations you see result directly from the amount of labor and cost of the various cleaning, polishing and coating or plating processes.
    o Panhandler Unfinished – The pan is fine tuned after being cleaned up from the building process.  
    o Panhandler Painted – The pan is tuned, imported to our finishers, prepped and painted, fine tuned again before delivery. (special order only)
    o Panhandler Brushed Chrome – The pan is tuned, cleaned, lightly polished and plated, retuned and imported. It is then fine tuned again prior to delivery.
    o Hopetown Pro High Polished Chrome – These pans are tuned, cleaned and then polished to a high gloss before being prepped for final chrome plating. They are then fine tuned again prior to being imported. We fine tune them a final time prior to delivery.

Here is our complete listing of Steel Drum / Steel Pan Instruments.  Select a catagory to view the details.

Also remember to look at Steel Pan Packages where these Pan instruments are paired together with the accessories you need to get going. Click here for a peek. 

Click the links below to view our offerings in each type of Pan.