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Why buy from us?

• NEW BARRELS - Each of our Steel Pans is hand crafted in Trinidad from a brand new barrel made to order for our builders.
• SINGLE PAN DESIGN – We only build one version of each instrument in the Steel Pan Family. We only build high quality musical instruments.
• FOUR FINISHES AVAILABLE - The finish and price variations you see result directly from the amount of labor and cost of the various cleaning, polishing and coating or plating processes.
    o Panhandler Unfinished – The pan is fine tuned prior to final delivery after being cleaned up from the building process.  
    o Panhandler Painted – The pan is tuned, imported to our finishers, prepped and painted, fine tuned again before delivery. (special order only)
    o Panhandler Brushed Chrome – The pan is tuned, cleaned, lightly polished and plated, fine tuned and imported. It is then fine tuned again prior to delivery.
    o Hopetown Pro High Polished Chrome – These pans are tuned, cleaned and then polished to a high gloss before being prepped for final chrome plating. They are then fine tuned again prior to being imported. We fine tune them a final time prior to delivery.

Here is our complete listing of Steel Drum / Steel Pan Instruments.  Select a category to view the details.

Click the links below to view our offerings in each type of Pan.

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